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Purdy's Tattoo

Practice Handpoke Tattoo Kit

Practice Handpoke Tattoo Kit

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Feeling a little nervous about putting needle to skin? Want to refine your tattooing skills? Look no further.

Purdy's Practice kit allows you to get straight into tattooing and hone your skills before tattooing yourself. Great for training your perfectly straight lines, perfectly round circles, colour and shading.
It includes 11 different types of needles to sample, including Liners, Shaders, Magnums and Flat needles.

You can find the full list of contents below:

Kit Contents:

• 1RL Needle (really-tiny pokes) (1)
• 3RL Needle (tiny pokes) (1)
• 5RL Needle (small pokes) (1)

• 7RL Needle (small-medium pokes) (1)
• 9RL Needle (medium pokes) (1)
• 11RL Needle (large pokes) (1)
• 7RS Needle (small-medium shader) (1)
• 9RS Needle (medium shader) (1)
• 5RM Needle (small magnum) (1)
• 9RM Needle (medium magnum) (1)
• 5F Needle (small flat) (1)
• 15F Needle (large flat) (1)
• Purdy’s Black Handpoke Ink 15ml (1)
• Ink Cups (5)
• A&D Tattoo Ointment (1)
• Pre-Printed Practice Skin OR Plain Practice Skin (1)
• Purdy’s 18-Page How-to Guide including in depth instructions, helpful tips, safety advice and 160+ designs to trace and tattoo (1)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


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