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Grip Tape Needle Wrap

Grip Tape Needle Wrap

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Grip Tape is designed for wrapping tattoo needles and needle holding tools. Both removable and non-adhesive, providing a sturdy and reliable hold that won't leave behind a sticky residue. 

1. Wrap grip tape around the needle

2. Enjoy improved grip and a more comfortable Handpoke tattoo experience


The tape is non-adhesive and grips to itself, so it can be positioned and repositioned infinitely.

You have the option to wrap it around a single needle, or wrap it over a needle holder or pen. This is much easier than gripping a thin needle and will help with your stability and confidence when completing a handpoke tattoo.

Now available in multiple colours:

• Black
• Red
• Orange
• Yellow
• Green
• Blue
• Purple
• Pink


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