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Stencil Making: Transfer Paper and Gel

Stencil Making: Transfer Paper and Gel

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Create stunning tattoo stencils with our Stencil Making Transfer Paper and Gel. Our transfer paper and gel combo allows for professional-level results - perfect for creating detailed and precise stencils. Easy to use and suitable for use with all skin types, this is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create tattoos with precision and detail.

Making your own stencils at home has never been so easy!

Place your design over the carbon paper and trace. Your stencil is now on the back of your design sheet! Use a small amount of transfer gel to apply it to your skin.

Sheets are 9.5 x 13.5cm. They are reusable. 

Purdy's Handpoke How-To guide is available as an add-on, and gives instructions (with illustrations) for how to use transfer paper and gel to create stencils.

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