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Purdy's Tattoo

Large Handpoke Tattoo Kit

Large Handpoke Tattoo Kit

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Our Large Handpoke Tattoo Kit comes equipped with everything you need to create a safe and clean tattoo in the comfort of your own home - no machine necessary. Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced artist brushing up, our handy how-to guide is sure to give you the confidence and instructions you need to take your artwork to the next level. Let's get inking!

This Large Handpoke Tattoo Kit provides everything you need to safely and cleanly complete 1-14+ tattoos. It includes a sterile needle holder pen for more precise and steady control, a silicone needle and ink cup stand to avoid spills and contamination, and stencil equipment to ensure a clean tattoo. An aftercare balm is also included for proper care of your tattoo.

The kits comes in different sizes, so feel free to check them out before you buy!

Kit Contents:

• 1RL Needle (really-tiny pokes) (2)
• 3RL Needle (tiny pokes) (2)
• 5RL Needle (small pokes) (2)
• 7RL Needle (small-medium pokes) (2)
• 9RL Needle (medium pokes) (2)
• 7RS Needle (small-medium shader) (2)
• 5RM Needle (small magnum) (2)
• 9RM Needle (medium magnum) (2)
• Purdy’s Black Handpoke Ink 15ml (1)
• Purdy's 5ml Colour Ink (1) Default is Red, but you can request a different colour!
• Ink Cups (15)
• Alcohol Swabs (16)
• Transfer Paper (1) Transfer Gel (1)
• Purdy's Aftercare Butter 15ml (1)
• Sterile Needle Holder Pen (1) Random Colour
+ Extra replacement grommets and o-rings
• Surface Covering (1)
• Handpoke Helper Mini (1) Random Colour
• Stencil Marker (1)
• Purdy’s 18-Page How-to Guide including in depth instructions, helpful tips, safety advice and 160+ designs to trace and tattoo (1)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


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