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Purdy's Tattoo

Mini Freckle Handpoke Tattoo Kit

Mini Freckle Handpoke Tattoo Kit

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Sprinkle Your Skin with Stars: Freckle Tattoo Magic at Your Fingertips.

We've been in the handpoke tattoo kit game for quite a few years now, and we've noticed a lot of you are keen on using them to create cute freckle tattoos. We're all about supporting your self-expression journey safely! That's why we think a kit just for freckle tattoos could make the whole process smoother, safer, and give you those perfect, consistent results.

• Freckle How-To Guide (1)
• Brown Ink (1) Don't forget to select your choice!
• 1RL Needle (1)
• 3RL Needle (1)
• 5RL Needle (1)
• Ink Cups (4)
• Alcohol Swabs (4)
• A&D Ointment (1)
• Purdy's Handpoke Tattoo Guide (1)

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