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Witch Semi-Permanent Tattoos

Witch Semi-Permanent Tattoos

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Our semi-permanent tattoos are easy to apply, and they look and feel just like a real tattoo! They are skin safe, water/shower safe, and last up to 2 weeks!

These are not like the temporary tattoos you used as a child, they are not stickers that lie on top of your skin. Out plant based solution develops on your skin; creating an semi-permanent image that is indistinguishable from a permanent tattoo.

Easy to apply and skin-safe, these tattoos look and feel just like a real tattoo without the commitment. When first applied the tattoo will appear almost invisible, but over the next 24-36 hours they will develop to a dark blue/black hue, making the image indistinguishable from a real tattoo.  

Semi-Permanent Tattoos offer a real-looking, long-lasting alternative to a regular tattoo.

One sheet of Semi-Permanent Tattoos


Any semi-permanent tattoo designs you find in our store are originals and hand-drawn. They are also available as tattoo stencils, which means you can trial the tattoo first with the semi-permanent tattoo and then use the stencil to tattoo it on yourself forever.

DO NOT use these semi-permanent tattoos as stencils! ONLY USE tattoo stencils for needle tattooing!


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