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Purdy's Tattoo

Colour Handpoke Tattoo Ink 5ml

Colour Handpoke Tattoo Ink 5ml

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Available in 20 colours!

Shake to activate pigment and drop into an ink cup to use.

Purdy's tattoo inks are the perfect consistency for Handpoke tattoos, and provide an affordable way to include your favourite colours in your designs.

Specially formulated to be suitable for Handpoke tattoos. Unlike other tattoo ink suppliers, we have worked closely with the factory to provide an ink that effortlessly glides into the skin when working manually, and leaves rich and vibrant colours that can last as long as professionally applied machine tattoos.

Purdy’s ink has a long expiry date of at least 2 years from purchase. We recommend you use it within a year of opening for best results.
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