Gatekeeping and the Art of Handpoke Tattooing

Gatekeeping and the Art of Handpoke Tattooing

Handpoke tattooing is an artistic form of body modification that has been practiced for centuries. Traditionally, it involved using a hand-held needle to create intricate designs on the skin. Over time it has evolved into a unique and popular tattooing technique. Handpoke tattooing, like any other form of artistic expression, should not be a gate-kept practice. It is an intimate and personal art form that allows individuals to express themselves through permanent body art. Rather than restricting it to a select few, handpoke tattooing should be available to all, as long as people approach it safely.

two womens hands embracing bottom hand has a small handpoke tattoo

It allows for a slower and more deliberate process, creating a deeper connection between the artist and their own body. By making this art form accessible to everyone through safe and clean tattoo supplies, we are able to foster creativity and self-expression.

By promoting accessibility while upholding safety standards, we can encourage a vibrant and inclusive community of Handpoke tattoo artists and enthusiasts. Removing unnecessary barriers to entry allows individuals from various backgrounds and skill levels to explore and develop their artistic abilities.

back of man with traditional sak yant tattoo


It is essential to emphasize the importance of safety and legality when engaging in Handpoke tattooing. Patience, education, hygiene, and understanding of cleaning techniques are crucial to prevent infections and ensure the well-being of both the artist and the recipient.  Aftercare is also an essential aspect of the tattooing process and it's vital role in producing safe tattoos should not be ignored.

The idea of gatekeeping Handpoke tattooing seems counterproductive to the spirit of self-expression and inclusivity. Tattooing, in any form, should be accessible to those who are interested, as long as they approach it with caution, safety, and adhere to legal guidelines.

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